CalDrone Operations – Professional and Transparent


People have legitimate concerns that their privacy could be negatively affected by drones flying in their vicinity. CalDrone LLC wants to allay these concerns, so it is our policy to formally request permission from property owners, or their representatives, to film their property before flight when they have the expectation of privacy. Currently, this is not mandated by law in most localities, but it does fit within the NTIA’s 2016 “Voluntary Best Practices for UAS Privacy, Transparency, and Accountability,” and it also fits with our company’s desire to promote safe and transparent use of unmanned aerial vehicles. We aim to be good stewards for our clients and esteemed advocates for our industry.

We will try, in good faith, to get permission from individuals before taking photographs and video of them, where their likeness is discernible, and will avoid disseminating “covered” information in accordance with the 2016 NTIA guidelines.


All of our flights are conducted in accordance with FAA Part 107 certificate requirements for small unmanned aerial vehicles.

Please allow us time to contact the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), or any other controlling agency, that may have jurisdiction for overflight of your location prior to flight (this may require up to 24 hours).

All flight operations will stay under 400 feet above ground level in unrestricted flight zones. We will get FAA authorization to fly in restricted zones, which may limit the height we can fly at in certain areas.

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