Samantha Curry, Principal of New Scotland Development Company

“CalDrone Aerial Services is a godsend. They are super easy to work with and any time I have a building or property I need featured from an aerial view they are my first call. What I especially appreciate about them is that they are actually certified and very familiar with all of the air regulations regarding drones. I find that a lot of other professionals just do it as a hobby and are not aware of what is legally allowed and not allowed when it comes to drone videography or photography; with CalDrone I never have to worry because they are always at the front of education when it comes to air regulations and new cutting edge technology. My clients are always so pleased and impressed when they see CalDrone’s work for their properties, it gives my listings an extra spark and also helps to give a birds eye view of the properties (including roof) that is especially nice to offer to prospective buyers. I wholeheartedly recommend CalDrone for any of your drone services needs! ” – Samantha Curry, Principal of New Scotland Development Company